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Data : 2016-12-07
Abst : Several key points in package design...
1, safe. Ensuring product and consumer safety is the most fundamental starting point for box design. In the design of commodity packaging, the safety protection measures of storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and using should be considered according to the attributes of the commodities. Different commodities may require different packaging materials, with special attention paid to the protection of products from sun, moisture, Leakproof, flameproof and ensure that the goods are intact under all circumstances.

       2. Promotions. Product packaging design is the silent sales of goods and salesman. This design is successful if the packaging design of the product can appeal to the vast majority of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy.

       3. Production. Packaging design to ensure safety, perfect shape at the same time, we must consider whether the design can achieve precise, rapid, mass production, can help workers quickly and accurately processing, molding, loading and sealing.

       4. Humanity. Excellent packaging design must be adapted to the storage of goods, transport, exhibition and consumer carry and open. Therefore, in the design of product packaging, the proportion of box-type structure must be reasonable, the structure is rigorous and the shape is exquisite. The emphasis is put on the shape and material quality of the box type. Contrast and coordination of beauty, tempo and rhythm beauty, Box-type structure is fully functional, beautiful shape, so as to adapt to the production, sale and even use. Common commodity box structure mainly bag, hanging, open, open window, closed or a combination of several forms.

       Artistic sense High artistic value of goods easier to attract the attention of consumers, giving the United States to bring beauty, access to consumers.

       Green. Under the trend of ecological protection. People began to promote green packaging, reasonable consumption. Only do not damage the health of people, do not pollute the environment of the product packaging design to become the ultimate consumer choice

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