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Data : 2016-12-07
Abst : Package design logo correction - the proposal stage to determine the logo, may not be perfect in the details,...
Package design logo correction - the proposal stage to determine the logo, may not be perfect in the details, we have to mark the standard graphics, size correction, black and white applications, line applications, such as different manifestations of the amendment, the use of the logo to make more Norms, at the same time the characteristics of the logo, the structure of the use of different environments, it will not be lost, to achieve a unified, orderly and standardized dissemination

       Packaging design excellent packaging, not only in the store will attract the attention of customers, but also to further enhance the product, is any well-known enterprises can not ignore the marketing strategy. Therefore, a good packaging design and printing in addition to addressing the basic principles of design, but also focus on consumer psychology activities in order to stand out in similar products. The most direct goal of product packaging is to stimulate consumers to buy. This should be the first consideration in developing a product packaging plan. Second, even consumers who are not prepared to buy such products should prompt them to make a good impression of the brand, package design and branding, and the manufacturer. Including product container design, product packaging design, tag, label design, transport packaging, and gift packaging design, paper bags, bag design.

       Box design diversity: a wide range of signs, a wide range of uses, no matter from its application form, form, means of expression of view, the packaging design has a very rich diversity. Its application form, not only flat (almost any material plane), but also three-dimensional (such as relief, garden carved, any shape or the use of containers, containers and other special style signs, etc.). Its forms, there are direct use of objects, with text symbols form, with images, images or abstract graphics, with color composition. Most signs are composed of several basic forms of composition. As far as performance means are concerned, its richness and diversity are almost impossible to summarize, and along with the development of science and technology, culture and art, there are always innovations.


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