Welcome to Ningbo New Star Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

First of all, on behalf of Zhejiang New Star Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., I extend my sincere greetings to all the friends who have long supported and are concerned about our growth and development.

    Founded in 1994, Ningbo Newstar Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a painter who founded in 1994 and now has set up R & D, production, logistics and marketing services to meet customers' different levels and different types of packaging, create value for customers, Enhance customer competitiveness, won the customer's extensive reputation, affectionately known as the "packaging industry star."

    Thanks for the chance that history has given us stars! In the face of fierce competition in the market environment, we must seize the opportunity to convergence with the international market, and further expand domestic and international markets, and strive to create more sales.

     New celebrities will be based on international competition and business standards as the benchmark; change all do not meet the market trends in business ideas and behavior; to create a dynamic source of vigorous development, partners, we must be "good faith Rest assured. " Earnestly win the trust of friends in all continents, establish long-term and stable relations of cooperation.

    Dear friends, as an enterprise with ambition, prestige and strength, we hope to establish far-reaching cooperation with friends both at home and abroad and seek more long-term growth and development. Let us create the future of celebrities!

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