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Ningbo New Star Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, is a privately owned enterprise engaged in the production of cardboard boxes and color box packaging. The company covers an area of ​​45,000 square meters, employing more than 400 people, with 21 years of professional printing experience, products and services praised by domestic and foreign customers.

  The company has the industry's most advanced Roland 900 five-color full-color printing presses, Mitsubishi five-color full-color printing presses, Mitsubishi 6 +1 6-color printing presses, 2.2 M cardboard production line, watermark four-color machine, three / Automated production equipment, air-conditioned workshop, clean and spacious environment. Factory staff canteens, dormitories, basketball courts, table tennis room, karaoke OK multi-purpose activities room, library and other cultural and sports facilities. In order to enrich the staff's spare time and create a positive, healthy and progressive team spirit, the company often organizes a variety of competitions and entertainment programs.

  After years of hard work, the new star packaging has gradually established its competitive advantage in the printing industry. Since 2006, it has been awarded the honorary titles of "Top Brand Packaging and Printing Enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Top Ten Packaging and Printing Enterprises in Ningbo Region" and "100 Growth Enterprises" Honorary title.

  Since its establishment, the Company has placed great emphasis on providing employees with space and opportunities for sustainable development, and encouraging employees and companies to grow together. They advocate simple relationships and are committed to creating a working atmosphere that gives full play to their talents.

  The new star packaging adhere to the "fair, just, open and humane care," adhere to the "capacity-based, performance-oriented" as employees as partners, through the implementation of human resources systems and system implementation of corporate culture and the establishment of excellent human resources management system, With "advanced ideas guide people, improve the system administrator, a harmonious atmosphere to attract, continue to train people", and strive to become a good corporate citizen, to help every new star packaging staff success. 

  Managers at all levels is the core force of new star packaging human resource management. By effectively recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, evaluating and developing human resources management tools, managers enhance the core competence of departments and companies and support the business growth of the department and the realization of the company's strategy. Through planned, organized and diversified training to improve staff job skills and professional qualities, enhance organizational capacity and realize the value of human capital. Establish long-term incentive mechanism to enable excellent and key employees to share the fruits of the company's growth and development. 

  New Star Packaging has the courage to shoulder its social responsibilities, abide by the relevant laws and regulations such as national safety, health and environmental protection, provide a safe working environment for employees and strive to create a harmonious and civilized corporate culture.

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